Thursday I dare: entrepreneurship and success

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“Transform your failure into success” was the theme of Thursday, I dare! … organized on December 14th, on the Cacaveli Bluezone.

bollore_bluezone_entrepreneuriat_jeudi j'ose_jeunesse

The objective of this new meeting was to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit of young people and encourage them to cultivate  human qualities essential for success in entrepreneurship, including perseverance, determination, self-confidence and leadership. Sharing experiences and advices from guest entrepreneurs has also enabled young entrepreneurs and project leaders to discover the challenges of entrepreneurship.

The meeting ended with a tasting of Togolese dishes prepared by a young entrepreneur, beneficiary of the Fund of Support for the Economic Initiatives of the Young (FAIEJ).

Essential platform of information on entrepreneurship in Togo, Thursday, J’ose! … attracted a hundred young entrepreneurs on the Cacaveli Bluezone, Thursday, December 14th.