The Cacaveli Bluezone, a living place for the Togolese

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Since its inauguration in April 2014, the Cacaveli Bluezone knows unprecedented success and positions as a place of inescapable life participating in the development of Togo.


The Togolese arrive every week on the Cacaveli Bluezone to benefit from the services offered there, including access to drinking water, electricity continuously and broadband internet through the BlueSolutions technology developed by the Bollore Group.
The Infrastructures present at the Bluezone are a chance of a lifetime for the youth and for the population. Indeed, the large multipurpose room regularly hosts various trainings and conferences; the esplanade is for public cultural events; the Wi-Fi cover all the site and internet room that provides computer are all services that attract many Togolese. The Blue Multifunctional Platform participates enormously involved in development initiatives of community of Cacaveli through its District Development Committee.
Local residents, Internet users, young entrepreneurs, all appropriate the Cacaveli Bluezone who became favorite place, and participate in the socioeconomic development of the country.