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October 2014

A living space and a technology and innovation centre, the Cacavéli Bluezone is the first hub of activity to be developed along the Blueline railway line. Other projects are planned in the area around Lomé for the months ahead.

The Cacavéli Bluezone is intended to provide education, support craftspersons and promote entrepreneurship.

Thanks to a unique technology produced by the Bolloré Group that allows solar energy to be stored and then used to produce clean, continuous electricity, hectares of wasteland, without any access to the electrical grid, are becoming illuminated, connected spaces, supplied with drinking water, facilitating economic, cultural and sports activities.

These spaces allow residents to access numerous services free of charge: Wi-Fi  Internet, drinking water produced on-site, conferences on disease prevention, multifunctional platform, media centre, production workshops for craftspersons, professional training courses, concerts, and many more.

Thus, they offer all imaginable resources to help accelerate the socio-economic and educational development of the country.


A green space for innovation

The Bluezone is a controlled access urban zone designed around a simple promise: electricity, water, Internet. Its 360 m2 of solar panels, connected to green storage batteries, which are manufactured using an innovative technology developed by “Blue Solutions”, allow the Bluezone to be supplied with electricity, drinking water and Internet via Wi-Fi.

A town within a town

True towns within towns, Bluezones are secure spaces which make it possible for visitors to connect to the Internet, learn, have fun and work on business projects.

Thus, each Bluezone is a dedicated hub for craftspersons, offering workshops and a multifunctional platform that can be used for a variety of activities, such as milling grain. All year round, the Bluezone offers seminars and conferences to develop entrepreneurship and train the youth of Togo to become the professionals of tomorrow.  A free Wi-Fi Internet connection and a dedicated computer area provide an opportunity for users to come and carry out research or grow their businesses.

The Bluezone focuses on the exchange between generations and the transmission of skills in order to structure the development of a young generation of entrepreneurs in Togo.

The priority of this green project is to mobilise all local actors around an innovative training and coaching hub in order to facilitate an entrepreneurial drive.

Bluezones are also remarkably well-equipped with facilities for young people to pursue their passions. They serve as venues for regular concerts.

All of these activities are facilitated by the presence of a number of “ambassadors” who are tasked with assisting visitors. There can be no doubt therefore that the Bluezones, created and financed by the Bolloré Group with the support of elected representatives and local associations, offer a living space and a place of hope for the youth and for all Togolese families.