Celebration of International Women’s Day on the Bluezone

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The Cacaveli Bluezone hosted an exchange meeting for Togolese women on March 9th and 10th, 2018.

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As part of the celebration of International Women’s Day, Deborah’s Generation organized a women’s exchange meeting on the theme of “going forward”.

The event aimed to promote the leadership of Togolese women and facilitate their empowerment to participate in the development of Togo.

Nearly 300 women (girls, mothers, single mothers and widows) took part in this exchange meeting held on 09th and 10th March 2018 on the esplanade of the Cacaveli Bluezone. .

In parallel, the multipurpose room of the Cacaveli Bluezone hosted an exhibition sale of products made or transformed by women (pearl necklaces, scarves, traditional soaps, …).

This exhibition helped to promote women’s entrepreneurship in Togo.