Blueline Togo and his future Bluezones

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Initiated by the Bollore Group, Blueline Togo is an innovative concept which provides, according to the Togolese authorities, the complete rehabilitation of the railway line and the construction of Bluezones along it.

Blueline togo_bollore_bluezone_cacaveli_bluesolutions

Like the Cacaveli Bluezone inaugurated in April 2014, other Bluezones will emerge soon. These fully self-contained living spaces that provide access to electricity, drinking water and ICT (internet) will be built along the railway. Next should come to Hanoukopé in the center of Lomé.

Thanks to a unique technology that combines the use of photovoltaic panels connected to the LMP batteries (Lithium Metal Polymer), the Bluezones make available to the public infrastructure alimented continuously into electrical energy.

Today at the Cacaveli Bluezone, the Togolese have access to training workshops for youth, awareness campaigns, exchange forums, but also more fun activities like concerts.