The works of way participate in the purification of districts

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The people of Lomé living near the railroad welcome the positive changes in their districts generated by the rehabilitation of the railway. The previously unhealthy districts regain their former glory.

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Since the maintainers of the railway track began the work of weeding and pickling, many are the surrounding districts of the ways which know the real metamorphosis. This positive change brought by Blueline Togo is noticeable. The daily work of the road workers scared away the onlookers and the petty criminals. The influence of the way once transformed into wild dumps in many places is now clean and sanitized giving a new image to the city of Lomé. Now, along the railroad districts are clean and sanitized.

«My area is clean and I’m happy. Before the arrival of the way agents, there was only waste and trash everywhere. We were afraid of cholera», throws us a resident who lives near the railway, not far from the Bluezone of Cacaveli , delighted that the situation has changed with the arrival of the Blueline.