The Blueline: a lifeline, a source of hope…

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October 2014

The Blueline is more than a modern, safe train.

It is the rebirth of the Togolese railway and its connection to the great rail ring that runs from Abidjan to Cotonou, passing through Ouagadougou, Niamey and now Lomé as well.


227x605_3PHOTOSBeyond Lomé, Togolese Head of State Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé also plans to link the capital of Togo with Blitta, located 276 km further north. This amounts to almost 3 000 km of rail – a true lifeline – which will serve a catchment area that is home to approximately 300 million people.

Imagine a railway that makes it possible to transport passengers, merchandise, cassava, rice, cotton, millet, livestock, onions, ore, or goods that will support economic and social development, the establishment of hubs for agricultural, crafts and semi-industrial activity. The rail will facilitate exchange between the various regions through which it passes. An enriching, solid, peaceful melting pot, cementing culture and diversity.

In Togo, the Blueline begins at Lomé station, which has been fully renovated thanks to the expertise of a number of local businesses. The Bolloré Group asked its African railway subsidiaries, Camrail and Sitarail to share their expertise with Togolese businesses to assist with the work.

Today, tens of kilometres of platforms, vestiges of a glorious past, whose existence can only be detected in certain areas of Lomé, are being cleaned, cleared and renovated. This will allow the Blueline to be reborn in Togo.