Lome: laying the rails of the new railway continues

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After the operations of laying the rails of the railway line linking the “Boulevard du 13 Janvier” to the “Boulevard des Armées” in Lome, the works continue towards the “Boulevard de la Kara”.

bollore_blueline_voie_chemin de fer

It is under the supervision of railway experts of the Bollore Group in Togo, that the agents proceeded recently in laying of the new railway line linking the “Boulevard du 13 Janvier” to “Boulevard des Armées”. The work of lifting and leveling, with the aim of rolling the way, are ended.
Currently, the agents make simultaneously the works of removing of the old rails, pickling, and welding shoulder in the new rails to accelerate the process of laying the new road linking the “Boulevard des Armées” than the “Boulevard de la Kara”.
The replacement of the old rails and the dilapidated crossbars by new, funded by the Bollore Group, aims to ensure the traffic of trains in optimal safety conditions and in compliance with the standards governing the rail transport sector in Togo.