End of work on the axis Lome Central Station- Agoe

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The works of rehabilitation of the railway track on the axis Lome Central Station- Agoe are completed. The next step is the renovation of level crossings.

bollore_chemin de fer_voie ferree_travaux

After performing various operations including the replacement of old rails and sleepers, dumped thousands of cubic meters of ballast and leveled carefully the railway to the complete renovation to allow the passage of the train in a satisfactory and sustainable safety conditions, the Blueline Togo agents can congratulate themselves for having done up like new the railway from the Central Station in Lome-Agoe.

The next works of rehabilitation concern three level crossings respectively located on the boulevard of 13thJanuary, boulevard of Armies and the Boulevard of Kara. Conducted under the supervision of railway experts of the Bollore Group, this work will help to renew the structure of railway crossings. One more step to ensure the safety of users of roads that cross the railway.