Blueline Togo’s new carriage on track !

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The new carriage was raised successfully on rails in Lome Central Station on March the 31th. Gathered in Lome Central Station’s warehouse the maintenance workers of the railway, the Togo Terminal, Lome Multi Purpose Terminal teams from Bolloré Africa Logistics Togo and Blueline Togo did not hide their emotion seeing the new carriage arriving on the tank for the delivery.

voiture voyageurs rails Blueline Togo

To position the new carriage on track, the Bolloré Group, expert in handling and logistics, affected for the operation a reach stacker. This machine, generally used for movement of containers, allowed to file the new carriage on the railway track, in optimal safety conditions.

This carriage will reinforce the Blueline Togo park and will travel soon the country for the delight of all Togolese.