Blueline Togo : works on railway

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In prelude to the works that will allow the complete rehabilitation of the railway line in Togo, the agents of the way are actually proceeding to the operations of weeding and cleaning of the railway.


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The railway line in progress of renovation

Part of the great project of the railway loop of West Africa, the Blueline Togo project will allow a connection by train from Abidjan to Lome passing by Ouagadougou Niamey and Cotonou. It is in this perspective that Blueline Togo and its teams of agents are currently working on the renovation of the railway line in Togo. Initiated several months ago along on the railway, the operations of weeding and stripping permit to clean up the railway formerly invaded by weed and garbage. Made upstream these works on ways will facilitate the laying of new crossbars bi-blocks armed and new rails.

Transfer of skills: the strength of the Bollore Group

The Togolese local teams in charge of the maintenance of the railway benefited for their training the railway expertise of the Bollore Group with the presence of its experts trainers. Besides the creation of new jobs opportunities in Togo, by giving the possibility to the Togolese to rehabilitate the railway track, the Bollore Group proceeds to a transfer of skills allowing the local Togolese workforce to have a rail expertise.