The solar panels used in Bluezones

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September 2014

Thanks to its solar power station, each Bluezone can be fully self-sufficient. Here, solar panels convert free, unlimited solar energy into electricity.

The sun is an easily accessible, perennial raw material, but the energy it provides is intermittent. Solar panels have been in use in Africa for a long time, but the great innovation lies in knowing how to capture, store and redistribute solar energy at any time of the day or night.

This joint development of solar power stations and energy storage technology will be one of the key technologies that improve access to electricity.

This system, developed by Blue Solutions, is the first of its kind in the world. By pooling its energy storage expertise with solar technologies designed by Sunpower (a subsidiary of Total), Blue Solutions has ensured that each Bluezone is capable of producing and using 100% renewable, clean, green energy 24 hours a day.

First of all, a solar power station, made up of 422 solar panels covering a surface area of 720 m2, receives and converts energy from the sun. Then, the station sends this energy to a storage unit based on LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) technology produced by Blue Solutions. This “giant battery” has a capacity of 360 kW/h. Finally, a computer system manages the power station to create a truly intelligent power grid that supplies power to all parts of the Bluezone.

Thanks to the unique technology it uses, the Bluezone produces enough energy to make it fully self-sufficient.