Solar energy – an opportunity for Togo!

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14 October 2014

The storage and redistribution of solar energy will allow as many people as possible to access clean energy at a lower cost.


Solutions linked to solar energy, which offer off-grid access to energy, will be essential complements to traditional power grids in the future because they represent a self-sufficient energy solution for areas that are difficult to access.

The Blue Solutions technology developed by the Bolloré Group that can be observed in action in the Cacavéli Bluezone is a prime example of such technology.

Blue Solutions is based on a unique technology: the Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP) battery, which makes it possible to store energy from solar panels and make it available it as soon as it is needed.

Combined with an unprecedented integrated service, this battery ultimately allows areas that have hitherto been deprived of electricity to be supplied with a constant, renewable source of power.

Thanks to this energy storage technology, areas spanning several hectares can be equipped with multiple lighting points and electrical outlets.