Musical evening on the environment at the Cacaveli Bluezone

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An evening on the Environment and Sustainable Development was held on the Cacaveli Bluezone, on Thursday, June 16th.

bollore_bluezone_concert_environnement_jeunesse_developpement durable

On the occasion of the Fortnight of the Environment and Sustainable Development, a concert was organized on the Cacaveli Bluezone to mobilize the youth and the Togolese on the sustainable development.
This musical evening was preceded by the award ceremony of the competition “clean district”. The representatives of the districts Amoutiévé, Bè and kpota, left with the materials of consignments for the maintenance of their districts (shovels, broom, trash …).
During almost three hours, the concert was supplied with electricity through solar energy provided by Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP) of the Group Bollore. Composed of non-polluting materials, these batteries are a response to sustainable development and environmental protection in Togo.