LMP batteries and photovoltaics panels : a power plant

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The efficiency and storage capacity of the Bollore Group LMP batteries once again proven. The batteries of the Bollore Group connected to photovoltaic panels have been the main source of energy in a wide range of electrical installations made during the family celebration of the Bollore Group in Togo.


A refrigerated container, more than 6 amplifiers 1 000w, forty projectors, a big screen 12m², various music equipment, all powered by this clean energy through the LMP batterie (Lithium Metal Polymer). A total consumption of 360 KWh more continuous over at least eight hours of time.

It is a true “power plant” that provides the energy for all the activities of the Bluezone Cacaveli, regardless of the vagaries of nature. The energy is stored in batteries that allow an energy supply of high quality. A technical feat once again experienced during this celebration of the Bollore Group in Togo in presence of partners and authorities.