Forum Pre-COP 21: Francophone youth in front of climate changes

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The Francophone Youth of the West African Sub region mobilized to participate in a forum Pre-COP 21 on the Cacaveli Bluezone on 19th and 20th November


The Bollore Group in Togo, which promotes the green economy through various initiatives including Bluezones, hosted the Pre-COP21 forum for Francophone youth.

Organized by the Association of Young Volunteers Service of the Environmental World (AJVSME) with the support of Blueline Togo, this forum has enabled more than 200 young people from various African countries (Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast…) to be on the Cacaveli Bluezone. For two days, they were able to discuss and work on issues related to climate changes. Several topics were discussed, including Togo’s contribution to environmental issues.
This initiative is within the framework of actions for the preservation and protection of the environment as a prelude to the International Conference of Parts on Climate Change, COP21, to be held in Paris November 30th, 2015.