Web users and volunteers

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The Cacaveli Bluezone hosted on the 17th February a press conference for the launch of a website dedicated to the voluntary service in Togo.


The voluntary service promotes today the access to employment for young people in Togo. In addition to participating in the development of the country, they gain work experience that enriches their course.

With this in mind, Blueline Togo has made available the multipurpose room of the Cacaveli Bluezone, to support the launch of the website of the National Agency of the Voluntary service in Togo (ANVT).

For young people as well as facilities, this website (www.togoanvt.org) provides easy access to all information related to the voluntary service in Togo but also register online. During this press conference, the registration of a voluntary convinced was achieved before the public with free internet connexion and broadband provision by the Cacaveli Bluezone.

The journalists also had all the time to navigate in this website that promotes development initiatives made ​​possible by voluntary actions large and small scale.