Students make the most of the wifi connection for their research projects

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The Wi-Fi access at the Cacavéli Bluezone is enjoying a huge success with graduate students.  Every day, dozens of students are able to go on line via the fast, secure, charge-free Wi-Fi connection powered non-stop by LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries hooked up to photovoltaic panels.

Wifi on Cacavéli Buezone - Blueline Togo

Most of the students bring their own computer and take advantage of the power sockets under the shelter of the “paillotes” to explore the Internet and search for information for their essays and dissertations.

The ease of access comes as a relief for these young people who till now spent days on end in cybercafés where connections were not only slow but also unstable because of the poor quality of the installations.

The energy supplied by the batteries and panels ensures uninterrupted connections, reassuring the students who now know that they will not be troubled by any power outages liable to cause them to lose their research data.

To access the Bluezone Wi-Fi, users first have to register. As soon as this has step has been completed, they get a free access code that they can then use to browse at will from the Cavacéli Bluezone site.