Launch of the Togo 2030 social network

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08 October 2014

Each Bluezone is also a digital zone, resolutely modern and open to the world.

B_335x221_WHALLERThe Bluezone has a powerful digital networking tool at its disposal: the Togo 2030 social network, constructed on

This social network allows all members to build links using the digital communities dedicated to their projects and their businesses.

The Togo 2030 social network is a space reserved for Bluezone members who wish to realise projects of all kinds: from sports clubs to start-ups and even cultural associations.

This digital space will be accessible via computers and via the Wi-Fi network available in the Bluezone, but also via smartphone. offers everyone the opportunity to create their own social network or Internet community: for their company, the associations they are involved in and even their families and friends.

The network will facilitate the creation of synergies, particularly in the area of education and start-up businesses.

The Togo 2013 network will be accessible through the Cacavéli Bluezone very soon.