Internet access for young people on the Cacaveli Bluezone

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Equipped with several computers with a broadband internet connection, the internet room of the  Cacaveli Bluezone allows every week to hundreds of young people to access free on the web and perfect the use of computers .

bollore_bluezone_acces internet_jeunesse_blueline

The internet access a boon for the Togolese youth

Blueline Togo aims to provide a framework for life and hope to the Togolese population through Bluezone and its infrastructures. The internet room being an integral part of the Bluezone infrastructures has become a multifunctional room. Youth who are the primary beneficiaries, follow entrepreneurial training, coding workshops and computer training sessions.

The internet and the computers available on the Cacaveli Bluezone are made possible thanks to the energy restored by the Lithium Metal Polymer batteries of the Bollore Group.