Free Internet access at the Cacavéli Bluezone: a resounding success

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Since the Bluezone opened in the Cacavéli district of Lomé, the capital of Togo, hundreds of men and women have been able to connect to the Internet, free of charge. The free, unlimited connection is available to all Bluezone users.

Togo2030 - Internet gratuit Bluezone Cacaveli V

This has been made possible via a number of Wi-Fi terminals installed on site, themselves connected to the power produced continuously by the batteries developed by Bolloré Group. These batteries collect and store electricity from the photovoltaic panels installed at Cacavéli.

Most users are students who use the Internet connection for research purposes or to find information on how to set up a new business. Professionals from established businesses, mostly in the Cacavéli neighbourhood, also use the Bluezone Internet access, which also draws local residents from all over Lomé.