Find a job with free internet connection

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The number of subscribers to the computer room of the Cacaveli bluezone is increasing. The high speed internet connection offered by the Cacaveli Buezone allows many Togolese who are looking for a job, researching and consulting jobs adverts online.


“I come to the Cacaveli Bluezone three times a week to post my applications because the broadband internet is free. Having no personal computer, I take advantage of the internet room where I have access to a machine for free, “explains, very satisfied, Tahoufik Moussa, an unemployed accountant for eight months.

Moussa’s case is not isolated. Many Togolese, looking for a job, attend the Cacaveli Bluezone every day to enjoy free high speed internet connection. They can be connected and informed in real time of new jobs posted by recruitment agencies.

With the energy supplied continuously by LMP batteries and photovoltaic panels, subscribers have an optimal Internet connection without any power cut.