The Bolloré commitment

Continuing its tradition as an agent for economic and social development in Africa, the Bolloré Group has launched an ambitious project aimed at reducing the energy divide in Togo.

The Group aims to develop a railway program to link Lomé to the West African rail ring, but also to create living spaces all along this new railway line for use by the people of Togo.

L'engagement Bolloré

Self-sufficient in terms of energy, connected to the Internet, and supplied with drinking water, these pioneering spaces are designed to become hubs of development for all the people of Togo.

These spaces will offer users continuous services, free of charge, allowing them to learn crafts, study or engage in professional activities. The opportunities presented by these Bluezones will make it possible to improve the quality of life of the local populations and promote the development of youth.

227x455_2_photosIn order to offer viable, functional living spaces, the Bolloré Group is making use of a completely innovative energy solution.

In a Togo that is still largely devoid of energy infrastructures, producing, storing and distributing electricity poses a significant challenge. This is why the Group is developing an innovative energy system, the first of its kind in the world: thanks to LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) storage batteries, connected to solar panels, these hubs of activity in Togo can be provided with a continuous supply of clean, renewable, free electricity, day or night.

Although these connected spaces will offer future users the chance to access new technologies, their value goes beyond the sphere of simple entertainment. Thanks to a number of partnerships with the public authorities as well as several associations and universities and certain media groups, these innovative spaces are intended to act as educational centres, which will play a central role in the future of the youth of Togo.

This initiative by the Bolloré Group is part of its global development policy for Africa. Every year for over 50 years, the Bolloré Group, driven by a long-term vision, has invested no less than 300 million Euro in port and rail infrastructures and logistics.

During all of its development work, the Bolloré Group will pursue all possible synergies between its activities through Bolloré Africa Logistics and Blue Solutions and the field of media and communications.