Workshop on neighborhood solidarity at the Bluezone

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The Cacaveli Bluezone hosted a seminar on strengthening neighborhood solidarity on Saturday, 03rd February, 2018.

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Organized by the association “Solidarity neighbors” Togo (VS-Togo), the seminar focused on strengthening solidarity links. The theme chosen by the organizers was “community solidarity: a tool for social cohesion and development”.

Three communications were made during this workshop: living together, the party of neighbors in Togo, and the keys to the success of the 2017 Neighbors Day in Lome neighborhoods such as Segbe, Adakpame, Kodome, Attiegou, Haoussa-Zongo.

This seminar helped to give key to the players District Development Committees (CDQ) and Village Development Committees (CVD) of Greater Lome, to support and encourage them to carry out initiatives aimed at strengthening solidarity links and the self-development of neighborhoods.