Workshop of artistic creation at the Bluezone

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The Association of the Messengers of the Jar of Peace (AMJP) launched on April 12th, 2017, at the Cacaveli Bluezone, the 2nd edition of the project “Meeting of exchanges and artistic and cultural creations”.


The theme chosen this year for the project “Meeting of exchanges and artistic and cultural creations” is entitled” is entitled “Art and Culture: Vector of unity and national cohesion for sustainable development”. It seeks to promote “living together” in Togo. Through socio-cultural and artistic activities, the project brings together artists and cultural actors from diverse backgrounds. This meeting encouraged artistic friendship took place in the multi-purpose room of the Cacaveli Bluezone.

Participants were invited to listen to the history of the people of Keve living in the prefecture of Ave (forest), 50 km from Lome.

The Bollore Group, by supporting this socio-cultural initiative, actively participates in the promotion of Togolese culture and the social cohesion between individuals, which are essential for the sustainable development of a country.