Training on the professionalisation of secular private education in Togo

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A training on the theme of “the professionalisation of secular private education” was held on the Cacaveli Bluezone, on Wednesday, May 16th 2018.

Organized by the Alliance of Lay Private Teachers of Togo (APELT), this training brought together the promoters of private secular schools in the Agoè area. There were nearly a hundred to participate.

This training, which was held in the multipurpose room of the Cacaveli Bluezone, was intended on the one hand to take stock of the conditions of teachers and students from secular private schools in Togo, and secondly to propose solutions approaches in order to go not only towards a professionalization of secular private education, but also to improve the educational level.

The Alliance of Lay Private Teachers of Togo is specialized in the training and retraining of teachers and parents’s students.