STOP EBOLA, a concert that will bring together 6 000 people in the Cacavéli Bluezone

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05 october 2014

“Stop EBOLA”: this was the watchword of the concert that took place in Togo’s Cacavéli Bluezone on Saturday 4 October 2014. 


Informing, mobilising and raising awareness through music. This objective was achieved thanks to the talents of artist King Mensah, one of the major stars on the Togolese music scene.

Almost 6 000 people rushed to attend this free concert organised by the Bolloré Group in the Bluezone the company built north of Lomé. The concert was planned to raise awareness among the population about the dangers of Ebola and especially to prevent the virus from arriving on Togolese soil.

At the entrance to the Bluezone, the crowds attending the concert were given a small demonstration of good practice: everyone entering the venue was obliged to wash their hands in chlorinated water. All those present participated in good humour, aware that they were doing something useful that could help prevent the spread of the deadly disease. King Mensah was not the only one to come and treat the 6 000 luck attendees to his good spirits and energy. Around ten other artists also lent their voices to the cause, singing against Ebola as it were.

In addition to awareness messages in the form of “Ebola buttons across the African mainland”, there were also a number of very humorous sketches, which also conveyed important messages. This concert, which took place just one week after pupils returned to school following the holidays, addressed all aspects of Ebola, including the origin of the disease, its symptoms, how to recognise it and the precautions to take in the case of contact with someone suspected to be suffering from the devastating virus.

The audience also took up the slogan “Stop Ebola” in unison, singing it together under the guidance of King Mensah. The event offered high-quality entertainment and also showcased great generosity.

At the end of the concert, all attendees left with bars of soap distributed free of charge by the Bolloré Group to encourage the population to observe good hand-washing practice.