Focus on green entrepreneurship at the Bluezone

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The Cacaveli Bluezone hosted a Green Entrepreneurship Forum on Friday, October 20th.

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As a prelude to the Climate Change Summit (COP23) to be held from 06th-17th November 2017, in Bonn, Germany, the West African Observatory for Sustainable Development (OOAD) has organized a Green Entrepreneurship Forum at the Cacaveli Bluezone.
Entitled “Ecopreneurs for the climate”, this forum on green entrepreneurship focused on environmental challenges and business opportunities related to the green economy sector in Togo. This day was attended by 70 young Togolese, who came to discuss innovative and sustainable solutions to local climate challenges.
Committed to the themes related to the environment and the climate, the Bollore Group in Togo encouraged the holding of this forum on green entrepreneurship by putting at the disposal of the organizers, the infrastructures of the Cacaveli Bluezone.