Art is invited on the Bluezone

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An exhibition of works of art was held on the Cacaveli Bluezone from 06th to 08th September.


“Art and culture: vectors of unity and national cohesion for sustainable development”, was the theme of the vernissage organized by the Association of the Messengers of the Jar of Peace (AMJP), on Wednesday, September 6th.

Following the meetings of exchanges and artistic creations of the Association Messengers of the the Jar of Peace with the populations of the localities of Lome, Kara, Lama, Tchitchao, Pya, Koumea and Kpalime, artistic works were selected to participate in the exhibition held on the Cacaveli Bluezone, from 06th to 08th September.

Visitors discovered works conveying messages of peace and social cohesion.

By supporting this socio-cultural activity, Blueline Togo is positioning itself as a key player in the promotion of art and culture in Togo.