Training for the Multifunctional Platform Management Committee on the Bluezone

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A management training was held in the multipurpose room of the Cacaveli Bluezone from 20th to 23rd October. For the members of the multifunctional platform Management Committee, this training was intended to facilitate their work to exploit the platform daily.

Bolloré_formation_plateforme multifonctionnelle_comité_gestion

New management tools for agents of the multifunctional platform

To allow agents of the multifunctional platform of the Cacaveli Bluezone to acquire additional knowledge, a training session was organized for them from 20th to 23rd October on the Bluezone.

Over three days, the members of the management committee did a training course composed of several modules to perform their daily management and monitoring of their activities. So, they can follow the attendance of the users of the multifunctional platform and performance of each machine: grain mill, oil press, rapper….

Blueline Togo continues to accompany the members of the Management Committee through a training for better efficiency.