The multifunctional platform in the Cacavéli Bluezone

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14 october 2014

The multifunctional platform in the Cacavéli Bluezone

So-called multifunctional platforms have become widespread over the past 15 years in West Africa, particularly in Togo. Under the auspices of the donors funding the platform, these SMEs, which act as a source of income for women in particular, are a tool of socio-economic development. True development platforms, they bring together machines for milling grain, pressing oil or even peeling and shelling fruits and nuts. Located in one common space, these platforms are managed collectively, which also allows their users to develop strong entrepreneurial qualities.





Continuous energy production

However, the traditional energy sources used to supply the machines remain one of the challenges in ensuring these platforms can be kept open all year round. As prices continue to rise in Africa, fuel is an increasingly expensive investment for users, leading to a drop-off in use of the machines and ultimately a loss of revenue for households.


In light of these circumstances, the Bolloré Group, one of the investors backing the creation of Bluezones in Togo, has chosen to supply these multifunctional platforms with continuous, clean energy. Thanks to its LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries, a revolutionary storage solution for energy produced using solar panels, people using these multifunctional platforms will be able to mill, grind or press whenever they like, safely and efficiently. This first platform, located in the Cacavéli Bluezone in Lomé, is the first of its kind to be connected to a fully clean power supply. The project is set to spread throughout the whole of Togo.