The Cacaveli Multifunctional Platform Management Committee reorganizes

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Organized as a micro company the Management Committee of the Platform Multifunctional (PTFM) of the Bluezone of Cacaveli activates to receive new clients. It now has a president, a treasurer, cashiers and several active members.


In total more than a dozen residents of Cacaveli take turns to work on the machines of the multifunctional platform which consists of a cassava rapper, a grain mill, an oil press, a welder and an angle grinder. Nearly 50 electrical outlets are also available. They serve in particular to recharge phones.

Today a resident of Cacaveli came to grind corn is satisfied: “I am often faced with shedding problems when I go to the mill. So I have to wait before power returns. But here in the Bluezone of Cacaveli, there is no problem. It has the power, it is a very positive change for us. In addition, the machines do not make noise as diesel engines.

” The PTFM in addition to creating jobs allows the Cacaveli Committee an income-generating activity.