The Blue PTFM Room does not miss users

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Since the opening of the Blue PTFM room, there are many users who are eager to come and use the Multifunctional Platform of the Bluezone of Cacaveli.


Women already frequented the Bluezone of Cacaveli before the opening of the Blue PTFM Room. But these last days, they are more and more numerous. Some come out of curiosity. Others are attracted by the frame, ‘’a clean place’’ they say. Others, else, by the absence of electric power cut.

Indeed, from 7 AM in the morning, these mothers accompanied with their children come with their bowls and basins filled to grind the corn; one of the first consumer goods in Togo, to press the oil, or simply to charge their telephone. All these activities are possible thanks to the continuous energy which runs the Blue PTFM.

The Bluezone, more than a place in the public utility, is a supplier of jobs and participates in the satisfaction of the vital needs for the populations.