The Blue Multifunctional Platform is running

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Members of the Cacaveli District Development Committee everyday use the Cacaveli Bluezone’s Multifunctional Platform to grind corn kernels, shell and squeeze the oil.

plateforme multifonctonnelle Bluezone de Cacaveli

For several days now many new users are arriving on the Cacaveli Bluezone. All are eager to gain access to the Blue Multifunctional Platform Room. Youth, women, men, all are mostly local residents, members of the Development Committee Cacaveli district from using the multifunctional platform. Grind the grain but, dissect or press oil is now possible near to home on the Cacaveli Bluezone.

Supplied with clean energy and continues through solar energy stored by Blue Solutions Technology LMP batteries, the multifunctional platform is running at full speed.

Socio-economic development tool for the Cacaveli district, the Multifunctional Platform enjoyed unprecedented success with the public.