The Blue Multifunctional platform: a convenience in the Togolese daily

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Constituting the Togolese staple food, cereals and tubers are transformed for their daily consumption thanks to the multifunctional platform of the Cacaveli Bluezone.

bollore_blueline_bluezone_plateforme multifonctionnelle_togo

Based on the milling of cereals, shelling of nuts and the grinding of the tubers, Togolese staple food requires the use of multiple machines. Grouped in the Blue multifunctional platform of the Cacaveli Bluezone, the local residents benefit from the services of a mill, a grinder, a husker, an oil presser, an angle grinder and a welding machine that work without let this from morning to evening.

So, since the inauguration of the Cacaveli Bluezone in April 2014, more than 2,000 people and almost 22,000 kilos of corn were ground. A facility which allows thousands of Togolese to have corn flour for the preparation of their meals.

The different modules of the multifunctional platform are used simultaneously thanks to the energy supplied by LMP batteries (Lithium Metal Polymer) developed by the Bollore Group.