Technical training in the Blue PTFM room of the Bluezone

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A second wave of artisans participated in a technical workshop on capacity building for sharpening wheels from 29th August to 2nd September 2016 on the Bluezone.

bollore_bluezone_formation_plateforme multifonctionnelle

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Basic Development, Crafts, Youth and Youth Employment, the Development Support Program on the Base (PRADEB) contributes to increased income and improving basic services for rural populations in particular, through increased access to energy services provided by the multifunctional platform.
It is in this context that several craftsmen took part for five days in the Blue multifunctional platform room of the Cacaveli Bluezone, a technical workshop of improvement on the use of fixed angle grinder. The objective is to enable operators to sharpen their own wheels cereal mills to facilitate milling, which remains one of their main activity.
By hosting this training, the Bollore Group in Togo reaffirms its commitment to assist and support initiatives that meet the basic needs of the most vulnerable populations of the country.