Advices for the management committee of the multifunctional platform

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After a management training which was held in the multipurpose room of the Cacaveli Bluezone last October, the agents of the multifunctional platform received this Tuesday, March 15th, a management consulting.

Bollore_Blueline Togo_gestion_plateforme multifonctionnelle

The local relay agency Multifunctional Platform National Program (NP – PTFM) of the Ministry of Basic Development, Crafts, Youth and Employment Youth, the NGO Sharing Action in Synergy for the Development (PASYD), organized a follow-up meeting with the agents of the multifunctional platform of the Cacaveli Bluezone. It aimed to make a balance sheet management tools previously established. Advices were given to optimize the organization of agents of the multifunctional platform.
Managed by the members of the development committee of Cacaveli district, the Bluezone Multifunctional Platform is a tool that contributes to community development.