Restitution of the results of the Volunteer of Citizen Engagement

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On 27th June 2017, the National Agency for Volunteering in Togo (ANVT) organized a restitution workshop on the implementation of the Volunteer of Citizen Engagement (VEC) program at the Cacaveli Bluezone.


The Volunteer of Citizen Engagement (VEC) is aimed at young, out-of-school Togolese who wish to contribute to the development efforts of the country.
The Bluezone workshop provided an update on the main results of the VEC program and provided information on the prospects for extending the program to six other cities.
Although, in accordance with the initial strategy of the project, eleven cities benefited from the civic commitment of 1,549 young people who had dropped out of school.
As part of this program, the Bluezone also hosted the ceremony for the delivery of integration kits to these out-of-school youth in April.