Power without compromising on the Cacaveli Bluezone

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Milling, husking, crushing, grinding… all this is possible thanks to the Multifunctional Platform of the Cacaveli Bluezone. It offers maximum power, safety and convenience.

bollore_bluezone_blueline_plateforme multifonctionnelle_developpement

Fed with continuous energy thanks to batteries Lithium Polymer Metal (LMP) of the Bollore Group, the engine of the multifunctional platform of the Cacaveli Bluezone runs on solar energy.

Installed in the Blue Platform Multifunctional Room, the various modules allow making quickly and efficiently performing all types of work: grinding, hulling, shelling….

It is through the power allocated by electrical energy from Lithium Metal Polymer batteries that all modules can be used at the same time meeting the needs of the population of Cacaveli and its surroundings.