Entrepreneurship with social networks

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On June 10th, 2017, the Cacaveli Bluezone hosted a new edition of Thursday I dare…, the monthly meeting for young entrepreneurs organized by the Support Fund for Youth Economic Initiatives (FAIEJ).


The participants of Thursday I dare… have been invited this month to reflect on this issue: “How to use social networks to sell its products and services?”. Created to strengthen the social bond and easily accessible from a smartphone, social networks are tools widely favored by young entrepreneurs who develop there e-commerce services.
On this theme, several tips were given to young entrepreneurs during this edition of Thursday I dare… Three key points were raised in response to the problem: to sell its products and services on a social network, must build an audience, interview its audience and build its offer.
Since 2014, the Cacaveli Bluezone has been hosting monthly meetings dedicated to the promotion of youth entrepreneurship.