Delivery of kits to the volunteers of Public-spirited Commitment

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The Cacaveli Bluezone on 04 April, 2017, hosted a ceremony for the delivery of socio-professional insertion kits to young volunteers from the Gulf Prefecture.


Sewing or embroidery machines, hairdressing equipment, aluminum joinery, welding, or mechanical equipment … Many were the rewards received by young people during the ceremony organized after the training sessions on management techniques and self-care, from 6th to 12th January 2017. These training sessions were attended by young volunteers at the Cacaveli Bluezone.

The initiative, taken by the Ministry of Development at the Base and implemented by the National Development Support Agency (ANADEB), was supported by subsidiaries of the Bollore Group in Togo. It was born of the Togolese government’s desire to facilitate the employability of young people and thus reduce poverty.